Silas Stewart


Silas Stewart has been involved in the Cannabis Industry for the last 13 years. He holds a Diploma in Advanced Marketing Management from BCIT (2005) then obtained a Diploma in Digital Marketing from Centre for Arts and Technology in 2013.

He founded Silas J. Media in 2012 where he has tested every form of digital and print marketing. His company has worked on hundreds of brands development collateral projects, more recently focusing on eCommerce sites. He has acted as a trusted consultant with multiple companies and is experienced in working with a global network of contractors.

Silas was a founding partner of MMJ Total Health Care Marijuana Dispensary in Vernon, BC. In 2016 MMJ Total Health Care was awarded BC’s top dispensary by Leafly (

Silas has since left the Medical Marijuana retail environment to pursue the opportunity to become a licensed producer with K Farmacy. With his vast retail experience in the Marijuana industry coupled with expertise in developing a strong ecommerce presence, Silas will guide and execute K Farmacy’s sales driven marketing strategy aimed at building and retaining clients through brand loyalty.

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