Jordan Kambeitz


Jordan Kambeitz is the CEO, co-founder and majority shareholder of KF Kambeitz Farms Inc and Kambeitz Agri Inc.

Jordan is a business professional and the fifth generation to have managed Kambeitz Farms. He has also spent several years managing industrial and commercial land development and acquisitions with North Range Capital Corp.

KF Kambeitz Farms was chosen in 2015 as the North America's Farm Representative for the Milano World Expo, where 8 Farms from around the world were chosen to represent the global theme of “Feeding the World Sustainably.”

Jordan is a shareholder and sits on the Board of Directors of several Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Development Companies and a Rail Transportation and Logistics Company.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Finance from the University of Regina.

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