Dr. Jill Kambeitz


Dr. Kambeitz is a practicing family physician in Regina, Saskatchewan. She works in a community family practice clinic with a diverse patient population and practices low risk obstetrics in the hospital.

In addition, Dr. Kambeitz has a faculty appointment with the University of Saskatchewan as an associate professor and is actively involved in training future family physicians and medical students.

Dr. Kambeitz holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Psychology) from University of British Columbia (2007) and a Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery from University of Limerick (2012). She completed additional training to hold certification in the Specialty of Family Medicine and holds a CCFP designation.

As a physician, Dr. Kambeitz has seen the benefits of Medical Marijuana and is a proponent of its therapeutic uses. She has been prescribing medical marijuana clinically for three years and is anticipating the growing medicinal applications of cannabis.

As an advisor to K Farmacy, Dr. Kambeitz is eager to provide current medical research as it becomes available to help K Farmacy educate patients and customers to the benefits and uses of medicinal marijuana. Dr. Kambeitz will assist K Farmacy in directing patients and customers in selecting the appropriate strains and medicinal forms.

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