Brittany Korol


Brittany Korol is an entrepreneur from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Ms. Korol became the Brand Manager for Western Canada under John Paul Mitchell Systems (Santa Clarita, CA) in 2007.

While working as Brand Manager, Brittany maintained and increased Paul Mitchell’s retail business in Saskatchewan and Manitoba and increased, enriched and redesigned the entire Paul Mitchell Education Program for Western Canada. Brittany also facilitated monthly distributor sales meetings, store meetings, programs and events, and developed strong relationships with distributors.

Building on her experience and success with Paul Mitchell in this industry, which is driven by branding and marketing, she has evolved her skill set to meet today’s corporate social media requirements. With a growing client list, she has most notably driven the Facebook and Instagram accounts of KF Kambeitz Farms and PureWest Commodities. She has consistently increased followers with content that is engaging, industry specific, brand focused and promotes each organization’s core values. Brittany is excited to build a strong positive Social Media presence for K Farmacy.

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