Current Market Challenges

01Challenge – Supply Shortage

There are currently not enough licensed producers to handle the demand created by new regulations coming July 1st 2018. 240,000 medical patients transitioning to 25,000,000 medical and recreational buyers.

02Challenge – LP’s Can’t Produce the Volumes Required in Quality

Strict regulations on quality from Health Canada require best practices in genetic selection and agronomy, in conjunction with scale up.

03Challenge – Marketing

Limited competition between licensed producers has created limited efforts towards marketing, brand building, sales and customer support.

The K Farmacy Market Solution

01Solution – Unlimited Potential to Scale Up

K Farmacy has up to 80 acres to use for future growth. Many LP’s are limited to smaller land parcels and existing commercial buildings.

02Solution – Highly Experienced Team

K Farmacy has a highly experienced team, harnessing expertise in agronomy, genetic selection and large scale production capacity.

03Solution – Specialized Marketing, Branding & Sales

The marketing & salesteam have excelled with award winning dispensaries and multiple ecommerce sites in the medical marijuana industry.

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