The Evolution of KF Agriculture

Feeding the Hungry -TO- Nuturing the Health Conscious -TO- Providing a Natural Medical Solution

"Building a Legacy of Pioneering New Industries"

K Farmacy is a Health Canada Cannabis Grower License Applicant that is leveraging agronomic skills, agri-execution and the scaleup capability of a 32,000-acre farm located at Lajord Saskatchewan, south east of Regina. Established in 1899 and settled by German immigrants arriving from the Odessa region of the Ukraine, Kambeitz Farms has emerged as a North American leader in agricultural production and innovation and has become a source of the world’s finest grains, oilseeds and pulses. Growing, feeding, protecting and nurturing crops is in our DNA.

Three of the founding members of K Farmacy are the principle directors that manage and operate KF Kambeitz Farms Inc. In 2017 KF completed construction of 38,460 square feet of facilities and office space at the Port Lajord Agricultural Hub. In addition to these farm buildings, KF is nearing completion on a 1,000,000-bushel, state of the art, high throughput grain handling facility built on a newly constructed 5000-foot rail spur for access to international markets.

In April of 2018, the Port Lajord Agricultural Hub will complete construction of a 20,000 MT fertilizer and crop input storage and blending facility also built on rail. Together with our strategic customer ADM, a global leader in food processing and commodities trading, we will import, beneficiate and distribute fertilizer and other crop inputs to both local farmers and input retailers.

Also working out of Port Lajord Agricultural Hub; is a KF majority controlled strategic partner of PureWest Commodities Inc. PureWest is a Canadian Grain Commission Certified company specializing in marketing Western Canadian grain, oilseeds, pulses/beans and fertilizer commodities both domestically and internationally.

Kambeitz Agri Inc., owner of the land that Port Lajord Agricultural Hub occupies has allocated 36 acres to K Farmacy to be used solely for production and processing of Medical Marijuana and Medical Marijuana products. K Farmacy will initially build a 24,000sq. ft. indoor grow facility for completion and ready to cultivate in August of 2018. With 36 acres designated to K Farmacy, we will be ready and have the capacity for expansion following this initial phase one build out.

Our group believes in agriculture and has strong family roots in the Saskatchewan farming industry. We also believe in the power and health benefits of medical marijuana and feel that becoming a Licensed Producer of Medical Marijuana is a natural progression for our family farming business. We are a recognized sustainable producer and have been growing crops that provide both superior nutrition and high health benefit foods since 1899 and are proud to play our part in feeding the world. We are now excited to be at the forefront of the evolution in farming, from feeding the world to feeding and medicating the world. The Port Lajord Agricultural Hub is fertile ground for agri-innovation and this agri-evolution.

With the team we have assembled, import and export capability, international trade expertise, and a passion for farming and growing all crops, K Farmacy has the tools to become one of Canada’s premier Licensed Producers of Medical Marijuana. To ensure the success and growth of the company, as part of our due dilligence, K Farmacy has developed a business model to outline the key company objectives, mission, sales, marketing strategy, and security plans.

Kambeitz Farms & The Seeds of Life Series

Kambeitz Farms - The Seeds of Life.

History of Kambeitz Farms - Transforming Agriculture

Originating in 1899, Kambeitz Farms (KF) is a 5th generation farming operation founded on the site of its present day Sedley, Saskatchewan farm yard site. The farm has undergone inter-generational changes of both ownership and management and has emerged today as a recognized leader in modern Canadian agribusiness. Since 1979, KF has provided a fertile environment for the development and evaluation of the world’s most innovative dry land farming equipment. KF has grown to a 32,000-acre farming operation with lands located in a 50 km vicinity of East and South East Regina.

Through its international food brand Purely Canada Foods™, KF is a strong contributor to Saskatchewan’s agricultural export sector. KF is proud to produce food for a growing world. KF Durum Wheat makes the world’s finest pasta. KF Canola Oil is praised by both chefs and doctors alike. KF Lentils provide the necessary protein for families in emerging countries and KF Hard-Red Spring Wheat bakes the finest breads in Europe’s bakeries.

The KF Agri-Innovation Center utilizes, applies, evaluates and improves Innovative Land Management Equipment and Agri-Input Technologies. KF recognizes that the availability of productive land is slowly decreasing while the world's population continues to grow. The growing disparity between available land for food production and people to feed motivates KF to increase yields while sustaining the land we grow on. It is also the driving force behind KF’s commitment to delivering the food we grow safely and securely to its destination. With the initiation and ongoing commitment to the KF Identity Integrity (KFii) Program, the goal is to preserve the integrity of every grain grown as it makes its way through the logistics chain to the tables of the world.

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